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The BOMB Relaxation

MSRP: $45.00
Gift Haus Special: $32.00
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Do 2020 and the holidays have you stressed?  All that hand sanitzer have your fingers frazzled?  This is the perfect set for relaxation!  


Choose which combo suits you--you won't be disappointed!  With our luxury bath bombs you can have a big Garden (tub) Party, and then enjoy or gift our 3-bomb sets which make life a Beach, whisk you to Paris with our best-selling Lavender Rosemary, or relax in Honey Almond. Moisutrize on the go with our 1floz Hand Creams made with shea butter in Lavender Rosemary, Pink Cactus, and Honey Almond scents.  


1 large bath bomb, 2 3-bomb gift sets, 2 hand creams:  MSRP $45

The Gift Haus Deal:  $32