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Savory Party Cracker Seasoning

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Each seasoning packet* includes 1.4 oz. of the flavored seasoning.

Mix with 1  2/3 cup of Canola oil and 4 sleeves of Saltine Crackers. 

Classic Original: Our great combination of Savory seasonings create a bold, unique  flavor – without being too hot or spicy. Once you try it, we think you will agree--it's our most popular seasoning flavor and it tastes great with most anything.

Low Salt: The same great Original taste is now available with less sodium.

Sweet Bar-B-Q: The bold, unique flavor of our savory seasonings, with some sweet and sass rolled into one.

Cinnamon Toast: Just the right mixture of cinnamon, sugar & spice.  Reminds you of the cinnamon toast you loved as a child. This flavor is also great warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds..

*Please note: The Cinnamon Toast flavor is different from our other seasoning flavors. Because of the ingredients, this seasoning packet includes 2.2 oz. of the Cinnamon Toast flavored seasoning and will make 2 sleeves of crackers. Mix with 3/4 cup of Canola oil and 2 sleeves of Saltine Crackers in a 1 gallon bag.