Molten Lava Cake

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We knew that Molten Lava Cakes could be slightly tricky to master so we set out to simplify the process.

Our Lava Cakes can be made in just 9 minutes and only require 2 ingredients!

Each mix makes 6 individual desserts so it’s perfect for your next gathering.


You will need:
¾ cup Mayonnaise (This is not a typo. It sounds strange but trust us.)
3 Eggs

1- Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray six 6oz. custard/ramekin cups generously with cooking spray or coat with butter. Arrange cups on baking sheet.

2- Place contents of Chocolate packet in microwave safe bowl. Melt in microwave for 45 seconds or until slightly melted. DO NOT OVERCOOK. Stir to finish melting.

3- Add Mayonnaise to melted chocolate and stir until smooth. Add Cake Mix and stir until blended. Add eggs and stir again until blended.

4- Divide mixture evenly between 6 cups. Place cups on baking sheet and bake on middle rack of oven for 8-9 minutes. Cakes should look firm around edges and liquid in the center. DO NOT OVERBAKE.

5- Place baking sheet on cooling rack and let stand for 5 minutes. Run a sharp knife around the edges of the cake to loosen. Carefully unmold by placing a plate over the top of the cake and invert. Remove cup and serve warm.